PREMIERE: ‘Bloom’ is the new Yagow single

New Yagow album The Mess will be out on June 18th, for Crazysane Records.

Bloom anticipates the album release.

The song deals with a dream-like state of mind with seemingly incoherent text modules in an interdimensional place as can be found in the red room scene from Twin Peaks. The situation can be best described with the words of the original itself: “Generally speaking earthly laws of physics did not necessarily apply within the red room as its arrangement could change from moment to moment making navigation or escape extremely difficult“. Based on this, the video was created by Keine Zeit Medien using video synthesizers. The video shows flowers that wither but played backwards. The audio signal triggers the playback speed which means that the sound makes the flowers bloom again! In addition another parameter determines the distortion/glitching of the images. To top it off everything is in a video feedback loop in which the images become increasingly liquid-like to the point of their dissolution. So now you know right?”

The otherworldly sounds of psychedelic space-rock outfit Yagow take a new turn on their sophomore album The Mess. Combining the resonant riffing of The Black Angels and True Widow with the celebrant atmosphere of Dead Skeletons, The Mess presents an eclectic mix of noise rock, psychedelic rock and stoner rock influences that continues in the vein of their self-titled debut album (released in 2017). However this time Yagow paint with a deeper warmer sonic palette that makes their intend more effective than before.

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